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God commands us to pass on our faith to those who follow behind, whether we are 18 or 80. Labels vary, from mentoring to discipling, coaching, or spiritual mothering, but the purpose is similar — to help women become all-in fully developed Christ-followers. Young women hunger for these kinds of life-strengthening relationships, but the mentoring methods and styles that worked for older generations don’t work today. Young women crave a more organic, natural connection. The spiritual futures of generations of young women are at risk unless older women learn to love, understand, guide, and walk with them. You’ll come away from these sessions with a new vision for mentoring and new confidence to connect with the next generation!

This teaching series is based on the book Organic Mentoring, which was authored by Dr. Sue Edwards and Barbara Neumann.Publicity Photo 2 sm

About the Speaker:
Dr. Sue Edwards is the author of five leadership books for women, including Organic Mentoring and the Discover Together Bible Study Series (

Sue has over 35 years of experience as a Bible teacher, overseer of several megachurch ministries, and author. Now, as Associate Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership, she teaches full-time at Dallas Theological Seminary, where she equips men and women for future ministry all over the world.

This 4-disc set includes:
Disc 1: Session One with Sue Edwards (DVD)
Disc 2: Session Two with Sue Edwards (DVD)
Disc 3: Millennial Panel Discussion (DVD)
Disc 4: Resource CD (PowerPoint presentation, handouts, audio files)


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We are pleased to announce that Understanding Your Personal Calling and Mission has been published and is available for purchase.

#206- Understanding Your Personal Calling and Mission:

Your Purpose, Your Place–We each have a divine call, a specific purpose, and a unique mission in today’s world. Every one of us is important. Every one of us has a role in God’s plan for this time and place.
Preview before you buy:undertanding

PREVIEW before you buy.
You can preview a few pages of the course before you buy it. The course includes a PowerPoint Presentation, an Audio CD and outline for the class. Each class also includes practical assignments.

More information and FAQ about Women’s Leadership Training.

How to buy:
Classes cost $59.95 per class, $89.95 if you purchase two, or $135 if you purchase all three classes. Individual study guides are also available for each of these classes. Cost is $5.00 per study guide. Now you and your leadership team can take this “class” together!” Classes can be ordered on our website.

Also Available:
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