• Do you know your specific purpose and unique mission in today’s world?woman-2937207_1920
  • Do you have a heart to minister to women? Are there others besides you in your church who would love to see a ministry to women become a reality?
  • Do you know how to go about establishing this kind of ministry?

Help is here! by design ministries has developed an extensive leadership training initiative for women. We have one track especially devoted to forming, developing, and expanding a women’s ministry. We especially target those who need help and guidance in starting a ministry to women in their church or have a desire to breathe new life into their current ministries. Other tracks are suited for any woman’s personal and spiritual growth.

Preview before you buy:

You can preview a few pages of the course before you buy it. The course includes a PowerPoint presentation, an audio CD, and an outline for the class.  Each class also includes practical assignments.

How to buy:
Classes cost $59.95* per class, $89.95 if you purchase two, or $120.00 if you purchase all three classes. Individual study guides are also available for each of these classes. Cost is $5.00 per study guide. Now you and your leadership team can take this class together!

*Includes free shipping within the continental U.S.





Designing a Women's Ministry Part 1#109 Designing a Women’s Ministry Part One: Laying the Foundation (Preview)
Women have a unique place in God’s redemptive plan; a women’s ministry is a significant tool for discipleship and evangelism. This class considers God’s plan for your ministry, the importance of Godly leadership and how to develop a purposeful ministry.




Designing a Women's Ministry Part 2#110 Designing a Women’s Ministry Part Two: Developing a Plan (Preview)
Once you clarify vision and purpose, what’s next? This class will help you determine the needs of your ministry, allowing it to grow and to thrive.





Understanding Your Personal Calling and Mission square#206 Understanding Your Personal Calling and Mission (Preview)
Your Purpose, Your Place–We each have a divine call, a specific purpose, and a unique mission in today’s world. Every one of us is important. Every one of us has a role in God’s plan for this time and place.