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A new Speakers Directory is now available!

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Use the following indices to help you browse our speaker and worship leader listings.  We hope you'll find just the right fit for your event or group!

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The most frequent request I receive at my office is, “Whom do you recommend as a speaker for our group?” We also receive requests for worship leaders and groups. Look through our directory for a listing of gifted women speakers and worship leaders and you may find the person or persons for whom you are looking to minister at your next retreat, evangelistic outreach, leadership training, banquet, marketplace meeting, friendship tea, workshops or whatever your event might be.

We want to simplify the process of finding a speaker whose spiritual gifts and communication skills uniquely qualify them to share God’s Word at your event. These are women who are able to share from a biblical perspective their experiences in a meaningful way with other women. And because worship is such a vital part of our lives, it is important to have godly and gifted worship leaders as a part of that ministry team that facilitates God-exalting worship.

In response to these growing needs, we are pleased to provide you with the sixth edition of our Directory of Speakers and Worship Leaders. This directory is presented alphabetically and includes three indexes to aid you in your search: speaker/worship leader name, subject, and state of residence. You will notice that we are including women from outside of New England. Many of these women have New England ties but have moved to other areas of the country. We hope this list of women speakers and worship leaders will assist you as you plan your event. They represent a variety of ages, denominations, levels of experience, speaking and musical styles. Please contact the individual speaker or worship leader directly for additional information or to schedule her for your event.

Our vision is to inject new vitality and productivity into New England churches by equipping and encouraging women who minister to other women. It is our prayer that by making this strategic resource available we are partnering together with you to see His Kingdom advance and His Name glorified throughout our region.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Linda Moore