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Carolynne Brown

46 Elm St.

Somerville, MA 02143


carolynne @ carolynnebrown.com


Areas of Specialization


Ancient/Modern worship

Enriching personal worship

Enriching corporate worship

Church history

Developing your worship ministry

Planning worship

Women at worship

Working with worship teams 

Worship leadership training

Worship Style


Traditional and Contemporary

Plays Piano and Keyboard


Carolynne Brown ministers at events ranging from women’s retreats and breakfasts, to worship conferences and college classrooms. Teacher and worship leader, she is comfortable with any size group and can use either interactive or lecture formats. Carolynne has a master’s degree in music from Southwestern Seminary and a doctorate in biblical and historical studies from Boston University. She believes historical Christian movements provide significant insight into current trends. She focuses on helping church leaders and lay people enrich their spiritual lives and the life of the Church through worship that is creative, enduring, biblical and diverse.