A note

Jean Marrapodi

96 Ravenswood Ave.

Providence, RI 02908


jmarrapodi @ applestar.org


Areas of Specialization


Bible study 101 

Custom topics related to event

How-to’s of running a ministry

Lord, you want me to do what? (Finding Your Place in the Kingdom)

Overcoming a difficult past

Practical application of Scripture 

Sharing your faith with a contemporary society

Women in the workplace/faith at work


Jean Marrapodi is known for her high-energy, memorable presentations. Teacher by training, learner by design, she currently works at the intersection of high tech and low literacy, though she defines herself as one in full-time Christian ministry. She serves at a church in the inner city, and has traveled as far as remote villages in India to preach the gospel and teach a pastor’s conference. She lives in Providence, RI with her husband, two cats and a mischievous pooch named Casanova.