Tune In for Important Information

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by Cathy Chung

I want a burning bush.
I want to be guided by an audible, deep Morgan Freeman God-voice resonating through my ear buds. That hasn’t happened yet, but God does speak.God speaks to every one of us. He constantly guides our steps but it’s up to us to recognize His voice.

In my experience, God uses one of two methods. First He quietly whispers to my soul – a simple thought accompanied by a gut feeling. He might instruct “Say Hi to that woman” or “Go into the next room.” Unfortunately, I’m often too busy to pay attention to these subtle nudges.

So God advances to the second method – blasting in stereo. He broadcasts from multiple sources until I finally listen. In hindsight, I’m embarrassed to recognize the number of ways I overlook God’s messages.

Over the past several months, God has pestered me to explore Truth. I didn’t hear His first, second or third nudges so God increased the frequency that the topic “coincidentally” arose. 

God first spoke through a Lenten sermon about Pilate’s decision to crucify Jesus. Three words clung to me, not from the sermon, but from the day’s Scripture: “What is truth?” (John 18:38)

Truth became a frequent theme in conversations about cultural acceptances and about literal vs.liberal biblical interpretations. A History Channel documentary raised questions about why known events during the days after Jesus’ resurrection were excluded from Scripture.

I was listening….And I find that once God has my attention, the messages pour in.

I “randomly” received devotions about cherry picking Scriptures to follow. News reports of murdered Christians made me question my own resolve in Truth. An online study I haphazardly follow warned about false teaching (2 Peter 2:1) and advised “carefully guard the precious truth” (2 Tim 1:14). I listened to a Christian radio station for the first time ever that described how to identify false teachers.

What is Truth? I’m still exploring God’s lesson for me, but clearly He led me to this search and has a purpose in it.

I am certain of this truth: God is speaking to you through the Holy Spirit.

Learning to hear His voice is like fiddling with the seek button on your car radio. God’s messages are constantly broadcasting. It’s up to you to find the right frequency. God knows you personally and will speak in a way you are uniquely receptive. Perhaps it’s a thought, lyric, article, or Scripture. He’ll use all forms of media, conversations, nature, and what we call “coincidences” – whatever it takes to reach you.

Ask God to speak. Believe He will. Then “listen” closely.

Question the messages you think might be from God. Observe patterns. Test them against Scripture. Ask friends for affirmation. With practice, you’ll discover His unique method of communicating with you.

Once you and God are on the same wave length and you trustingly follow, God will guide you faithfully. It probably won’t be a burning bush, but I pray that you’ll find God’s voice and experience the exhilaration of being a part of His plan.

Cathy Chung was raised in the church but only came to know God personally as an adult. She finds joyful purpose in encouraging others to develop a relationship with Him. She teaches confirmation, leads women in Bible study and scatters seeds of Scripture on her blog. She is married with three almost-adult children, listens to praise music while gardening, and desires to be used by God. Connect with Cathy at Seeds of Scripture, Twitter, or Facebook.

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