Join Us For a Mentoring Event!

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Sometimes you meet someone for the first time and you think “we just get each other.”

Isn’t that a great feeling? Our by design team recently had an experience like that at Centerpoint Church in Salem, NH. You may remember that during the last WeConnect update we invited you to share your thoughts about millennials and how you and your church are being intentional with reaching this generation. We also invited you to host or attend an event where we could discuss these important things and share insights with each other. We partnered with Marnie Wells to hold one of these events on June 6 at Gilead’s Balm ( but we quickly realized that more space was needed! We teamed up with Centerpoint Church, and before we knew it the event had swelled to roughly 80 women, with 18 churches represented!

During the discussions and the Q&A, it quickly became clear that we were all on the same page. These women had a vision for mentoring and a tremendous heart for the next generation! We discussed topics like the biblical basis for mentoring and explored how that can be extrapolated to our current culture. We talked about how this next generation has a different perspective of what a mentoring relationship looks like and how we can adapt so that we can better reach this generation for Christ. And through it all, we discussed grace. Grace-filled mentoring is the name of the game if we’re serious about developing successful mentoring relationships. Finally, we brainstormed about different ways in which we can get involved, either to be a mentor or mentee.

The response was tremendous! In addition to excellent, thought-provoking discussions, the women also responded hugely when they filled out their questionnaires at the end of the night.

  • 19 women asked to be kept in the loop regarding WeConnect
  • 21 women indicated an interest in being mentored
  • 33 women indicated an interest in becoming a mentor

Wow! It’s clear that God is working in hearts. I’m so encouraged by the experience at Centerpoint, and I hope you’ve been encouraged by what you’ve read here. If you are interested in hosting or attending one of these events, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and your partnership in this important ministry!

Keep hoping. Keep praying. Keep loving.

Kristi, for WeConnect