The Impact of Mentoring

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The Barna Group tells us that nearly 60% of those who were raised in the church will leave it.


Let that sink in.


During the course of the interviews I conducted with young women who were raised in the church, the numbers followed this statistic almost exactly. When I tried to dig into reasons why that 40% retained their faith, one reason bubbled to the top: they were mentored.

We know mentoring is important, but how do we go about it? And when we offer mentoring “programs” at our churches, why don’t young women show up or commit? These were some of the questions we tackled at the Round Table Mentoring Event at Crossing Life Church.

This beautiful group of women from Crossing Life came together to share and support and learn. Their passion for reaching the next generation was contagious! Attended by women of all generations, each one had something special to share and contribute. Every generation is followed by another, so no matter how old we are, we all have someone to mentor, something to offer, and something to learn. As we discussed and prayed together, I think we all came away encouraged and ready to take on the mentoring challenge!

If you are interested in hosting or attending one of these events, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you again, WeConnect supporters, for your faithful prayers and your partnership in this important ministry!

Keep hoping. Keep praying. Keep loving.

Kristi, for WeConnect