WeConnect in Leadership

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We recently held the annual by design retreat that is designed for women leaders, and for the first time ever, our WeConnect team took a leadership role at the retreat.

Sarah, Kimberley, and Jessi led a Millennial panel Q&A in which they equipped us with better ways to connect with and understand the next generation. They answered questions from the retreat attendees, giving wise insights and ideas that were applicable and encouraging.

The next day, Jessi led a breakout session on Stewarding Our Finances. Through her interactive workshop, she was able to share practical ways that we can honor God with our finances. Utilizing her background in financial coaching, Jessi gave us tools to be able to make wise decisions and look at our finances in a different way.

It was exciting to see these vibrant, godly young women working in their areas of giftedness! I know that the retreat was a double blessing because of their contributions and presence.

In our ministries, it’s easy to keep going as we always have: depending on the same people, doing things in the same way. But our ministries can be refreshed when we add new people. So, let’s get the next generation involved!

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about millennials, it’s that they want to be invited. They won’t usually just insert themselves – they want to know that their input is wanted. When we in the older generation invite them to get involved, they step up and add so much passion and value. Let’s consider how we can welcome the next generation into leadership roles!

Thank you again, WeConnect supporters, for your faithful prayers and your partnership in this important ministry!

Keep hoping. Keep praying. Keep loving.

Kristi, for WeConnect