Times of Uncertainty: Seven Tips for Living in the Present

by Sharon Gamble

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.
Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. —
Matthew 6:34 ESV

Not that many months ago, we felt pretty certain about the future. We made plans to travel. We expected to go to church on Sundays. Shopping for groceries surely wasn’t a concern. We never imagined masks as required accessories. Then, just like that, we found ourselves in uncertain times.

As the wife of a military retiree, I’ve had quite a bit of experience with uncertainty. I remember packing for a long-awaited vacation, only to be awakened at dawn by a phone call—my husband must report for a mission. No vacation for us. Not to mention many a missed birthday and anniversary. We grew accustomed to not knowing what tomorrow might bring.

I didn’t receive this unpredictable life with good grace right away. There just might have been some temper-laced moments and a few days lying in bed with no desire to move. And yet over time by God’s grace, I grew to appreciate military life. Why? Uncertainty about the future forced me to embrace living in the present. And that is just where God always asks us to live. I love sharing the truths God has taught me and hope they also help you to embrace the art of living in the present.

  • Wake up with prayer. Before you climb out of bed, remember who is in charge of the day. Begin with a whispered “Be with me today in each moment, Lord.
  • Recite what you know. This may sound a bit silly, but reviewing truths helps you stay grounded and grateful. I would state, “Today, I am living in Germany. Our two daughters are sound asleep in the next room and both are healthy. We have adequate food, clothing, and shelter.”
  • Sit with the Lord as early as possible. You might not have an elaborate hour for quiet time with God, but could you sit for ten minutes? Choose a book of the Bible and read through it just a few verses a day. Perhaps choose a verse to write out and meditate on that day. God does not change. Moments with Him in His Word bring certain blessing in uncertain times.
  • Refuse to worry. When worries come, don’t invite them in. See them as opportunities for prayer. Give your cares to God and continue to live with Him in the moment. When a new worry intrudes respond with prayer. Over and over. You will discover His peace.
  • Be guided by the Holy Spirit. Your future might seem so unpredictable you can’t even make plans. But you can plan to live well by living out the Spirit fruit that’s always in season: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
  • Be present in the simple joys. Don’t waste time quivering about things that are out of your control. You’ll miss green leaves swaying in the breeze, birdsong outside your window, a child’s eyelashes touching her cheek in sleep. Ask God to help you stay “in today,” savoring all that is good.
  • Go to sleep well. Thank God each night for seeing you through the day. Picture Him tucking you in and caring for your tomorrow. Ask Him to help you live well right where He has placed you. Turn your worries over to Him in prayer and be at peace. God’s got tomorrow. Life here on earth has actually always been uncertain, but life with Him is always, and most certainly, good.

Sharon Gamble’s goal and driving purpose is to see Christian women carve out quiet spaces to meet with God—to know Him and to love Him more and more. That God-given passion led her to establish Sweet Selah Ministries, devoted to giving women encouragement and tools to take time out of their busy, busy lives to “be still” with the One who loves them most.

Author and frequent speaker at ladies’ groups and conferences, Sharon posts a fun, inspirational blog each week at SweetSelah.org, cohosts The Sweet Selah Moments Podcast, and frequently offers online Bible studies through social media. Her books include Sweet Selah Moments: Encouragement for Everyday Living, filled with inspiring devotionals each with a short Bible study for those with more time to ponder, and Give Me Wings to Soar—A Sweet Selah Journey Toward a Deeper Walk with God, due out November 2020.

Sharon was blessed with a Christian heritage and came to know the Lord at an early age while growing up in Massachusetts. She graduated from Gordon College with a B.A. in history and has taught both middle and high school. The former USA National Director for Moms in Prayer International, Sharon lives in New Hampshire. She and husband, Ray, have two grown daughters, two sons-in-law, an ever-growing number of grandchildren—and a cute little dog, Bella, who brings much joy and occasional “trouble” into their lives.

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