What Does “by design” Do?

This year’s Summer Sampler Series answers the question “What does by design do?” Each post will address an aspect of our ministry, as told by women who have been positively impacted. We hope that their stories encourage you and inspire you to take advantage of the support, training, and resources available to you from by design ministries

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What Does by design Do?

By Kristi Stoughton

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question. I’ve been on staff here for almost six years and still, answering that question always stumps me. 

It’s easy to just spout our mission statement: 

by design ministries is dedicated to the equipping and development of women for ministry that will advance the kingdom of God, with a special emphasis on the needs related to New England.”

It’s true, and it sounds good, but what does it really mean? More importantly, what does it mean for YOU? 

It means that we’re here to support you, the Christian woman who is busy serving in ministry. And not just ministry in the church, but ministry wherever God calls you. We know how hard you work and we want to make it easier. We want you to feel even more confident using your God-given skills. 

Serving in ministry can be a great joy, but sometimes it feels like being thrown into the deep end of the pool. You’re paddling as hard as you can but perhaps you feel like you’re in over your head! The learning curve can be steep and there aren’t many places to go for support and training. That’s where we come in. 

by design offers the support and resources you need to serve with confidence and competence. 

As we’ve listened to many women over the years, by design ministries has taken shape to meet the needs that we have heard voiced again and again. 

“How do I put together a team at my church?”

“Where can I find a dynamic, biblical speaker for our next women’s event?”

“Is there a safe space where I can connect with other women in ministry?”

“Why are so many young people leaving the church, and how can I help stem the flow?”

We’re here to answer those questions, and many more. (Click here to see a full list of the resources, services, and support offered by our ministry.) 

Over the next few weeks we’re going to explore some of the facets of by design ministries and what the ministry can do for you as you serve people for the sake of the Kingdom. 

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by design ministries meets you where you need it most, wherever you are! Whether you need encouragement, time with God, a word from God, direction, edification, teaching or just an incredible community so you do not feel isolated in leadership, by design is for you. by design has had a tremendous impact on my life as a ministry leader, it helps me get away to spend some quality time with God to keep my faith strong, so I can serve God with excellence.”

~ Jennifer Chapman, President of Mastering Motherhood

Kristi Stoughton, Associate Director of by design ministries, is a native of New Hampshire, where she currently resides with her husband. As a speaker for women’s events, Kristi has a passion for women to know God’s love deeply. She loves to share about the joyful, exciting, heartbreaking, beautiful, victorious, rollicking adventure that is Life in Christ! Kristi hasn’t yet met a craft that she doesn’t like, and thanks to her husband for his kind indulgence as she gleefully stockpiles crafting supplies she “might need someday.” Kristi loves playing her guitar and singing on her church’s worship team as well as serving with her musical “sister chicks” as the worship team for women’s retreats and other events. You can visit her online at www.krististoughton.com.