Every Day, by design

This year’s Summer Sampler Series answers the question “What does by design do?” Each post will address an aspect of our ministry, as told by women who have been positively impacted. We hope that their stories encourage you and inspire you to take advantage of the support, training, and resources available to you from by design ministries

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Every Day, by design

By Kristi Stoughton

I was scrolling through Facebook but I wasn’t really seeing the screen. My mind was fully occupied by a problem for which there seemed to be no solution. I was busy envisioning various scenarios and playing out conversations in my head when something caught my eye. It was a quote from one of by design’s recent blog posts. 

As a by design staff member, I had previously read the blog post, but seeing it distilled down to a single sentence made me feel like I was reading it for the first time. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I clicked through and read the blog post again, and it was like receiving a cold cup of water on a hot day. My heart moved from perseverating on the problem to focusing on who God is. Refreshment and peace flooded my heart.

Seeing that by design Facebook post changed my perspective and my whole day. And that’s exactly the point. We know that life can be busy and full of distractions, so by design ministries inserts encouragement and support right into the middle of your day. 

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Encouragement and support, every day, by design.

Kristi Stoughton, Associate Director of by design ministries, is a native of New Hampshire, where she currently resides with her husband. As a speaker for women’s events, Kristi has a passion for women to know God’s love deeply. She loves to share about the joyful, exciting, heartbreaking, beautiful, victorious, rollicking adventure that is Life in Christ! Kristi hasn’t yet met a craft that she doesn’t like, and thanks to her husband for his kind indulgence as she gleefully stockpiles crafting supplies she “might need someday.” Kristi loves playing her guitar and singing on her church’s worship team as well as serving with her musical “sister chicks” as the worship team for women’s retreats and other events. You can visit her online at www.krististoughton.com.