A Focused Resolve

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By Debbie Lowe

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.’”

Philippians 3:14 (NASB)

Zipping down the interstate on a beautiful late spring day on my way to babysit the grandkids. About half a mile behind the nearest car. Not too much traffic. On the interstate, as with any road, there’s always the possibility that something has been left in the road … a hat, a retread, a tailpipe … but usually whatever it is, it’s sitting in the road, stationary.

There are actually two cars ahead of me, one following relatively close behind the other. I see the first car loop left toward the Jersey barrier, obviously avoiding something in the road. Then the car behind him does the same. I squint, trying to make out what the dark line up ahead is. A tailpipe? Not sure if there’s someone to my right on this two-lane highway. If I slow down a bit, I can safely loop around whatever it is.

Ehhh! … It’s moving! Whatever it is, it’s actually moving. Moving slowly in a straight line. I do a quick mental calculation: at the rate it’s moving across the lane, can I avoid it without hitting the Jersey barrier? Uhhh … IT’S A MOMMA DUCK WITH HER FOUR LITTLE DUCKLINGS WALKING ACROSS THE INTERSTATE IN A STRAIGHT LINE!! Oh my goodness!! Please!! I don’t want to kill any ducks today!! I swerve, and manage to miss the concrete barrier. I don’t hear any thumps under my car, so I think I missed them. Whew …

What focused resolve on the part of both the mamma and her ducklings. They had to see the cars careening toward them, yet they walked on undaunted, focused on their goal, never wavering.

If only I could do the same, focus on the goal with steadfast resolve, not looking left or right but persevering in the knowledge that my Lord is faithful, that He will not allow me to go through any trial in which the temptation is greater than I can bear (see 1 Corinthians 10:13 AMP). That He is with me even in those dark times when I cannot see, hear, or feel His presence. This kind of resolve is not something I can do on my own. I can only do it as the ducklings: with undivided trust in and attention to my Leader. Daunting? Extremely. Possible? Yes, but only with an undivided heart.

© Debbie Lowe, 2017


Debbie Lowe is a blogger, speaker, and writer. Her desire is to encourage women to wholeheartedly trust God in every area of their lives. She has served in women’s ministries and as Deacon of Worship at Grace Fellowship Church in North Stonington, CT. Debbie and her husband have two grown daughters and nine grandchildren. She enjoys reading (especially at the beach) and playing in the dirt (aka, gardening). Visit Debbie online at debbielowe.org or on Facebook at Debbie Lowe – Life Lessons.

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