Drawing Closer to Our Shepherd: A Meditation on Psalm 23

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By Krisie Brown

“Cheese and crackers! I am so frustrated. Why can’t anyone clean up after themselves in this house?”

But those weren’t quite the words I was using, as I felt put upon. I found myself slipping back into my old ways of grumbling under my breath, and some unwholesome words rolled too quickly into my mind and out of my mouth. As I jumped into the car for what felt like the umpteenth time to be mom-chauffeur, I flipped on the Abide app daily meditation and the focus was on guarding what you say based on Psalm 141:3 “Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.”

Conviction flooded my heart as I wondered how I had let my guard slip so far. I pondered that this was the first time in the busy summer month of August that I had listened to the daily meditation. Summer meant a hiatus from my regular weekly women’s Bible study, which led to a break in my personal study of God’s Word.

I was out of the practice of being in God’s Word. I was not allowing the Word of God to dwell in me. The focus of my mind had gone from God’s purposes to my grievances.

Meditation on the Word of God has become a neglected practice in our age of “busy is better.” The key to Christian meditation is not to empty the mind but to fill it with the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the love of God, and the forgiveness and example of Jesus.

Guided meditation is helpful in quieting our hearts, refocusing our attention on Jesus, and putting our feet on the path of being more like Jesus Christ. Recently, I have been encouraged, challenged and strengthened by the study of and meditation on Psalm 23. If you would like to join me in practicing, I’ve recorded a 30-minute meditation, which includes journaling questions.

May God’s goodness continue to lead us back to the living waters and peace that He alone provides.


Click here to view the reflective prompts for the guided meditation.

Krisie Brown has been involved in both the Women’s and Children’s Ministries at First Congregational Church of Hamilton for close to 30 years. She and her husband live in Ipswich, MA with their three children (Morgan, Calvin, and Sydney). Currently, she is on the board of by design ministries and the teaching team for the Women’s Bible Study at her church. Krisie loves to be involved at church and in her children’s schools, building community.