Drawing Closer to Our Shepherd: A Meditation on Psalm 23

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Guided meditation is helpful in quieting our hearts, refocusing our attention on Jesus, and putting our feet on the path of being more like Jesus Christ. Recently, we have been encouraged, challenged and strengthened by the study of and meditation on Psalm 23. May God’s goodness continue to lead us back to the living waters and peace that He alone provides.

Lasting Impact: The Graceful Influence of Every Woman

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I believe we all owe Martha an apology. No human was ever created to serve solely as a sermon illustration. Why are we tempted to continually pit Martha against her sister Mary? No one has ever written a book titled, “Don’t be a Peter, be a John.”

Think Cellular

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These days the word “cellular” is associated mostly with mobile phone technology – but this is not about that! This reflection is about the human body and, more specifically, the trillions of cells in each of us. These microscopic organisms work on our behalf day in and day out. But unlike all the other living things in our lives – like kids or pets – we rarely listen or attend to them until they demand our attention. Why is that?

I have…