Settling the Heart

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Fear is bondage. When we fear, we’re bowing to the idea that what we f.e.a.r. has more power than the Creator of the universe. That is a lie out of the pit of hell. Just as we want our children to live without fear, our loving Father wants us to live in peace, resting in Him, knowing in the very deepest part of our heart and mind that “He’s got this.”

Find Your New Favorite Book

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One of the great joys of this ministry is the opportunity to share the resources created by the women associated with by design. This fall, we have the honor of sharing some relevant and important books authored by these brilliant and godly women. We hope that you enjoy perusing the list and that you’ll choose one or two to pick up as your fall reading. Enjoy!

Sharing and Seeing by the Spirit

I feel very blessed to have many women in my life who have walked alongside me in my faith throughout the years. Women like my mom, my worship team “aunties,” Sunday school teachers, mentors in college, and mentors in my current ministry organization (informally or formally) have encouraged me and loved me in highs and lows. In this current season, I am especially thankful for Sam.

Barbara Arbo: The Woman of the Word (and Lots of Patience)

I did not know about dresses. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I wore a bra. And my memories of basic hygiene are vague. There stood before me a tall blond woman, her blue eyes lit with a joy I was still unfamiliar with. She was stunning! Her dress matched her earrings, both swirling in rich turquoise and fuchsia. And she wore lipstick. I wore an old T-shirt that smelled like yesterday’s ashtray…