Breathe, Rest, & Listen

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As I settled into my chair for our opening evening of welcome and worship, I reveled in having nothing to prepare, nothing to lead, nothing I had to be “on” for. I could smile at each woman entering, or bow my head in preparation, just breathe, rest, and listen to God. Each and every year I attend, I find that I am renewed, uplifted, and refreshed.

What Does Apollo 13 Have to Do with Church Ministry?

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He expects us to understand that lives are at stake – eternal lives. He expects us not to look around for someone else to do it or to stand about complaining about our assignment. Instead, He has equipped us to utilize every person He welcomes into the family and the supplies He’s provided to deliver a “square” gospel into the “round hole” of the times in which we minister.

Introducing …

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We are delighted to introduce you to our newest staff member, Heather North! It became apparent over the last year that we needed more staff to support all our ministry endeavors, so a new position was created for an administrative assistant. We launched a search and prayed that God would bring just the right person to by design. And He has.

Seasons of Refreshing

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The word refresh means “to give new strength or energy to; reinvigorate.” With technology we refresh our devices – we restore their settings and clean out clutter so they function better. We need to refresh and restore our souls so we function better. Everyone around me is looking forward to having vacations or family reunions, but now that we are freer to enjoy life “as we think it should be,” how will you refresh your soul?