adult-3365364_1920by design ministries knows that as a woman involved in ministry, your time is valuable. No doubt you are juggling family, work, and ministry activities. Our guess is that you often minister to the needs of others while your own needs are frequently unmet. You are not alone. by design ministries has developed a ministry to support women in positions of influence who recognize the necessity of being connected to similarly minded women. These groups are for you! They are not just another meeting to add to your already full calendar. These regional small groups called “Together Groups” consist of women from various churches and organizations who provide mutual support, perspective, accountability, and encouragement to one another. If you are not connected to a Together Group, please contact us and we’ll get you connected! 

What do groups look like?

  • Women who participate in a Together Group are actively involved in serving others in their church or organization, especially those ministries that involve women.
  • Participants will represent various denominations and church sizes.
  • Group size will range from 6-10 women.
  • Each group meets regularly (monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) at an agreed-upon time and location.
  • Women may choose to meet at a home, local restaurant, or church.
  • Groups will meet during the school year, unless decided upon differently by the group. We recommend that groups meet for an hour and a half to two hours.
  • Women are encouraged to be a part of their group for a minimum of one ministry year (September through May). Regular attendance is encouraged.
  • New groups will form as enough interested women indicate their desire to participate and as a facilitator is available.
  • Our groups need to be safe and holy places. Positive and healthy communication within each group meeting will be encouraged.
  • Confidentiality will be of the utmost importance.
  • Each group will have a facilitator(s) who will oversee and guide the meetings.
  • The facilitator will be in regular communication with the by design ministries team.

Find a Together Group in your area.

Here’s a list of currently active Together Groups, along with their geographic location and contact information.

Boston/Roslindale, MA
Contact: Anne Freeman –

South Worcester/Webster, MA
Contact: Sheree Harrington –

South Coast/Taunton, MA
Contact: Pauline Morgan –

Greater Lowell, MA
Contact: Linda Moore –

Loudon, NH (Young Women’s Group)
Contact: Tori Hammond –

Concord/Loudon, NH
Contact: Linda Moore –

Coming soon: Monadnock Region/Peterborough, NH
Contacts: Suzanne Brown –, Tammy Proctor –

How do I get involved?

If you would like to participate in one of these groups, be considered as a facilitator, or see a group formed in your area, please contact us.