Double the training. Double the support. Double the impact.
Discipling the next generations.

“In Faith for Exiles, Kinnaman and Matlock [from the Barna Group] share that the church dropout rate among 18–25-year-olds has increased from 59 percent to 64 percent in the past decade.”

“Data featured in Gen Z also sheds light on the fact that the emerging generation is less likely to see church as important, with those who hold this perspective admitting ‘Church is not relevant to me personally’ (59%), ‘I find God elsewhere’ (48%) and ‘I can teach myself what I need to know’ (28%).”

The need is dire for biblical training and discipleship, and by design is on the leading edge, equipping churches with tools, education, and inspiration to mentor and disciple Gen Z and millennials.

You can help us continue to reach these precious generations for Christ. 

In addition to a $5,000 gift, the Day Foundation of New England has approved a $10,000 matching grant for this ministry, so when you give to “Double the Discipling,” your gift is matched 100%. All new donors or regular donors who increase their regular contributions will be matched dollar for dollar up to the specified amount. And those who become recurring donors will have the entire annual amount counted towards the matching grant!

Will you join us in this important endeavor?
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Matching Grant FAQ:

I am a regular donor to by design ministries; do my regular gifts count for the matching grant?

Already established regular (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, yearly) donations do not qualify for the matching grant. However, if your donation amount is increased, that amount will be doubled! If you make a one-time over and above gift that dollar amount will be matched.

Can I make a one-time financial gift to support this special ministry initiative?

Yes! These donations are eligible for the matching grant.

I’ve never been a regular donor to by design ministries, but I’d like to start. I used to be a regular donor; I’d like to renew my giving. Will these donations count towards this matching grant?

Yes! In fact, every donation you make, from now until the end of this year will be doubled.

Is there a matching dollar limit?

Yes, there is a limit of $1,000 that can be matched from any one donor. If a single donation is submitted as a combination of gifts from individuals, church teams/committees, budget, special offering, etc. and each individual donation is less than $1,000, they will be matched.

What if my gift is less than $1,000?

Whatever amount, your gift is appreciated and will still be matched. No gift is too small!

How should we submit our gift?

To use a credit card, simply click the button above! If you prefer to use a check, please make out the check to “by design ministries. On the memo part of the check, write “WeConnect Matching Grant.” You can mail it to by design ministries, PO. Box 429, Hampstead, NH 03841.

Our mission is to support and equip women for ministry and leadership. We are actively reaching out to the Gen Z and millennial generations to disciple and raise up leaders for Christ. If you believe in our mission, we would love for you to partner with us in this endeavor. 

Thank you for your support!

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