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Kristi Stoughton

Director of WeConnect by design ministries
Home Hudson NH Home Phone: (603) 889-1663 Website: http://www.krististoughton.com/
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Life is not for the faint of heart – it’s a wild adventure! Whether we’re resting in God’s arms or hanging on by our fingernails, Kristi shows how solid, Biblical truths apply to every facet of our lives and how God desires to be a part of everything we do. She shares with honesty, humor, and practicality about life’s joys, doldrums, and sorrows, and about how to live victoriously by holding on to God. In a demanding world, Kristi loves to dispel the myth of the “superwoman” and happily bears the title of “Superwoman Dropout.”


♦ True Confessions of a Superwoman Dropout:
Debunking the Myth of Having it All
♦ Join the Party!: 
Discovering a Fuller, Richer Life Through Christ (for teen girls)

Longing for His Courts:
Finding Intimacy and Joy with God (A Study of Psalm 84)
Holy Chicks:
The Treasure and Trust of Godly Girlfriends
Forgetful Girl Meets Faithful God:
Why God Wants Us to Remember and How it Can Change Our Lives
Loving God and Loving People:
The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything (No pressure)
Becoming More Than the Christian Culture To Reach a Seeking World
Blessing the People in Our Lives
Healthy Hearts & Bodies:
Maintaining Your “Temple” to the Glory of God
True Beauty, Inside and Out
(for teen girls)
Savvy Chickie, Good Steward:
How to Shop for Top-notch Quality on a Bargain Basement Budget

Christmas Topics

♦ Living Expectantly:
Experiencing Christmas Every Day
♦ Simple. Christmas.
Simple Steps to Renounce the Craziness and Regain the Joy

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