beautiful-brainstorming-businesswomen-601170Women’s Leadership Training

Why Leadership Training for Women?

In today’s rapidly changing culture, women have unique needs that require a varied and perceptive approach to ministry. No matter what their season of life, they need opportunities to grow spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. Because of their strategic involvement in the home, workplace, and community, women are able to contribute significantly in reaching our world for Christ. Women are crucial to God’s plan for evangelism and discipleship.

Equipping leaders to meet these varied and growing needs is key to reaching the individual women in our churches and communities. Women currently serving in leadership positions within the church are acutely aware of their need for more training and for additional leaders to help in the ministry. A recent survey was taken among 61 New England women leaders, representing all New England states and 54 churches. When asked what their top need was in regard to serving in the local church, leadership training and leadership recruitment ranked highest.

In response to this need, by design ministries offers on-site classes and conferences throughout the year, as well as the opportunity to learn at your own pace with our published classes. To find out more about how you can earn a certificate in by design’s Women’s Leadership Training program, please contact us.


This Training is For:
  • Aspiring leaders: “I really want to do this. I feel called to this ministry.” These leaders are eager to serve and are looking for “the next step.”
  • Affirmed leaders: “Do you really think I can do this?” These leaders have been encouraged by others to follow the Lord in serving Him.
  • Acknowledged leaders: “Been there…done that…now what?” Experienced leaders are always looking for further opportunities to grow and connect.