Ministry Training

Women serving in leadership positions are acutely aware of their need for more training and for additional leaders to help in the ministry. by design ministries has created a curriculum of classes available to develop women in servant leadership for the equipping of God’s church and the enlarging of His Kingdom.

We offer these classes throughout New England; please visit our Events page to see what’s coming up! If you’re interested in bringing one of these classes to your church or organization, please contact us.

Level One Classes

Principles Track: Grounding the Leader in the Word of God

#101 Holy Habits:
Neither holiness nor intimacy is gained by practicing spiritual disciplines, but these habits create opportunities for God to work within and through you. Keeping your vision, passion, and endurance for ministry is impacted by the depth of your life in Him. Students will assess their life and discover personal challenges to growth; gain tools to develop spiritual disciplines; be challenged to live a life marked by devotion to Christ.

#102 Unlocking the Scriptures:
This course will equip you with a method for interpreting the Bible that you can apply to any passage of scripture. We will compare English translations, discuss the different kinds of literature in the Bible, examine historical context, learn how to do word studies, and more. Because the Bible is foundational to our faith, what could be more practical than learning how to interpret it?

#103 From Eden to Jerusalem: A Journey Through the Old Testament:
People often say that the Old Testament is too difficult to understand or irrelevant. In this course you will discover the wonder of God’s story as it unfolds in the Old Testament and is fulfilled in the New Testament. You will learn how the promises God gave to Abraham are central to Paul’s teaching on salvation; we were wonderfully included in God’s plan of salvation from the beginning!

#104 From Jerusalem to Eden: A Journey Through the New Testament:
This class walks through the New Testament to consider the relationship between the Old and New Testaments and discover how God’s fulfillment of past promises guarantees He will keep future ones. Our goal is a broad grasp of the New Testament, making sense of our times and developing hope for what God has in store for His people. Pre-requisite: Course #103

People Track: Growing the Leader to Serve Like Christ

#105 Where Have All the Leaders Gone?:
One of the greatest challenges facing churches today is the “search for and development of” leaders. In this new millennium, who will carry the message of Jesus Christ to a lost world? Where are the leaders, and how do we find them?

#106 Spiritual Gifts:
In this class, we will explore ways to help ourselves and others find how we can each be most effective and most fulfilled as we commit ourselves to service for God’s glory.

#107 Biblically Balanced Self-Worth for Women in Leadership:
In our appearance-obsessed, performance-based world, the voices of our culture and our past can easily drown out God’s voice. As leaders, we may be especially vulnerable. A precarious or performance-based sense of self-worth can sabotage ministry effectiveness. We can also resist God’s call to use our gifts in leadership, and insecurities can lead to an unhealthy need to prove ourselves.

#108 Knowing When to Refer to a Professional Counselor:
Everyone in ministry will experience a situation more complex than they can handle. This class outlines the indicators that a referral to a professional is in order.

Plan Track: Grooming the Leader for the Work of the Ministry

#109 Designing a Women’s Ministry Part One: Laying the Foundation:
Women have a unique place in God’s redemptive plan; a women’s ministry is a significant tool for discipleship and evangelism. This class considers God’s plan for your ministry, the importance of godly leadership, and how to develop a purposeful ministry. Preview the class by clicking on the video! This class is available as a CD set in our online shop!

#110 Designing a Women’s Ministry Part Two: Developing a Plan:
Once you clarify vision and purpose, what’s next? This class will help you determine the needs of your ministry, allowing it to grow and to thrive. This class is available as a CD set in our online shop!

#111 Designing a Women’s Ministry Part Three: Enlarging Your Ministry Through Outreach:
Our world is in need of the Good News. Let’s develop a strategy to creatively reach women for Christ.

#112 Designing A Women’s Ministry Part Four: Establishing a Bible Study Program:
The purpose and principles of Bible study are basic; the methods for studying God’s Word are diverse, as they are influenced by several factors. We will look at a variety of available resources and discuss options for implementation.

Level Two Classes
Principles Track: Grounding the Leader in the Word of God

#201 Unlocking the Scriptures Part 2:
There is a wide variety of literature in the Bible, each of which contains important clues for interpreting and applying scripture. This course will explore the differences between types, as well as the literary context and how they affect our understanding of a passage. Prerequisite: Course #102

#202 Applying Scripture to Life:
How do God’s promises to Moses relate to us today? How does a story in the Old Testament fit into the “big picture” of salvation in the New Testament? Through this course we will study how to apply the Bible to our daily life. We will study especially how the Old Testament relates to the New Testament.

#203 A Journey Into God’s Presence:
Goats, Bulls and the Lamb of God: The sacrificial system was central to worship in ancient Israel. But what was God doing with all those strange laws and rituals? Why all the slaughtered animals and washings? This class studies how the Old Testament wonderfully prepares us for the New Testament!

#204 A Journey With God’s Presence: The Holy Spirit and the Temple of God:
The Holy Spirit and the Temple have been the marks of God’s presence with His people since Creation. God’s indwelling Spirit is crucial to Christian living. However, the Holy Spirit is probably the least understood member of the Trinity. This course will study the significance of God’s presence and make important applications to our own lives and ministries.

People Track: Growing the Leader to Serve Like Christ

#205 Conflict Resolution:
No matter how fast we run or how much we hide, conflict seems to find us. In this class, we will look at the basis for conflict, some Bible characters in conflict, the consequences of conflict, and how to confront it and reach common/holy ground.

#206 Understanding Your Personal Calling and Mission:
Your Purpose, Your Place: We each have a divine call, a specific purpose, and a unique mission in today’s world. Every one of us is important. Every one of us has a role in God’s plan for this time and place. This class is available as a CD set in our online shop!

#207 Learning From Our Differences:
Have you ever wondered why some people do things differently than you? Do you ever want to just tell them how to do things right? Come learn about how our culture affects every aspect of our life, especially our relationships.

#208 Women Impacting Women:
In this day of information and resource overload, the simplicity of Jesus’ strategy for making disciples is refreshing. He taught the crowd to build relationships by training and coaching the Twelve to become a team, mentoring three for leadership. The early church was built on that foundation. This course will use Christ’s example to discover a coaching and mentoring strategy that creates exponential growth.

Plan Track: Grooming the Leader for the Work of the Ministry

#209 Building a Team That Will Last:
Creating, building, and sustaining a dynamic team requires prayer, purpose, process, and persistence. The environment for growth and health must first be established in an atmosphere of trust, grace, and redemption. Learn how to work through the process to a strategy based on Ephesians 4:11-16. This class is available as a DVD set in our online shop!

#210 Basic Training: Evaluation and Administration:
In order to position women’s ministries for further growth and effectiveness, consistent evaluation is imperative. Are you asking the right questions? Having a flexible yet organized structure will allow for continued growth and facilitate your overall ministry.

#211 Planning an Effective Retreat/Event and Making It Happen!
Initiating an idea for a special event or a retreat is one thing. It takes a team to carry it out! Prayer, Purpose, a workable Plan, Preparation, Promotion, and Presentation are essentials in creating a special ministry to women. Learn how to use the tools you have developed to accomplish your mission. Prerequisite: Course 209, “Building a Team that will Last.”

#212 Caring Connections:
Our relational God has made us to be relational people, longing for meaningful connection with others. In addition to finding ways to connect women in the church with each other, your women’s ministry can be designed to reach out and connect with women who don’t yet know Christ. Learn how to develop caring ministries that women will change their schedules for, and in the process learn about a God who loves them.