Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take these classes “for credit”? Most women who enroll in these classes are interested in growing spiritually and personally. They want to apply what they learn in class to their lives and ministries. Completing each level of classes provides a well-rounded foundation for growth. The homework gives them concrete ways to apply what they have learned in their lives and ministry context.

What is the cost to participate in the program?
There are usually no additional costs involved to participate in the program. The only cost incurred by you is the fee to attend the conference/event where the classes are offered or to purchase one of the kits once they become available.

How do I know if I am enrolled in the program?
Enrollment in the program begins once we receive your first completed homework assignment.

How long does it take to do the homework for each class, and where do I send it?
Homework for each class should take about an hour to complete. The exception would be some of our “designing” classes, which may need more time. Completed homework and the homework cover sheet should be sent to the by design office. This may be done either by email or postal mail. Be sure to keep a copy of your homework for your files.

What happens once my homework is received at the by design office?
A homework tracking record is kept. Upon receipt of your homework, we record that it has been received and place a copy of the cover sheet in our files. Your homework is then forwarded to the class instructor. If you have provided us with your email address, we will also notify you that your homework has been received.

How will I know if I passed?
Homework is graded as either complete or incomplete. The class instructor will notify you and us, usually within a month of receiving your homework, of whether the assignment has been adequately completed.

What if I do not complete the assignment in a month, will it still be accepted?
Yes. Although we recommend completing the homework within one month of the class, we also understand this is not always possible.

What if while doing the homework, I have questions about the assignment. Who should I contact?
Questions can be directed to the by design office via email or phone. You may also contact the instructor if she has provided you with her email address.

If I am pursuing a Level One certificate, can I also take Level Two classes?
Level One and Level Two classes can be taken simultaneously. However, some Level One classes do have a desired prerequisite, such as “Unlocking the Scriptures,” in which case the Level One class should be taken before the Level Two class. Also, Level One certification must precede Level Two certification.

Do I need to complete the classes by any specific time once I start?
There is no set time limit for completing the classes. Since the classes are held at various locations, events, and times throughout the year, when you are able to finish will depend on your schedule. The availability of classes via “educational kits” will be beneficial in completing certification. As these kits become available, we will post a notice on our website.

What will the training program look like?
Certificate Program: 12 core courses in Level One and Level Two, taught by a variety of experienced women’s ministry leaders. Generally, a one-hour homework assignment is required for each class. Those completing all classes in each level receive a Certificate in Women’s Ministries. Although classes can be taken simultaneously, Level One certification must precede Level Two certification.
Non-Certificate Program: Women may take individual classes as desired and may opt to not fulfill the homework requirement.

How often and where will classes be held?
Classes will be offered at various events and times in locations around New England. See the Upcoming Events page for the schedule and updates.

What materials will I need?
Each participant will receive a class outline and materials for each course. A notebook is available for a nominal fee. This includes additional ministry resources.

Will I be graded?
Classes will be acknowledged as complete or incomplete. We suggest you turn in your homework assignment within one month of taking the class; however, assignments will still be accepted after a month’s time.

Can I waive one of the core classes?
If you have taken recognized college courses in theology, Bible study methods, counseling, leadership development, or women’s ministry training, or a demonstrable equivalent, you may request a waiver from the by design Director. This waiver is from the classroom portion, but you must still complete and submit the assignment from the course.