We’d love to have you help with the practical tasks of administrative work, networking, hosting, advising, and other areas. If you have a heart to serve, we need you! Additionally, we need more facilitators for our Together Groups.


Wouldn’t it be great if finances were never a concern? However, with any ministry venture come expenses. Maybe God is calling you to invest in eternal things by sharing the financial blessings that He has given to you. A monthly commitment (large or small!) or even a one-time gift would be much appreciated and would go far in this Kingdom work. It’s easy to donate online; for more information, visit our “Give” page. (And remember that any gift to by design ministries is tax deductible.)


Committing to pray regularly for by design ministries is perhaps the greatest gift you can give. If you would like to partner with us in this way, please contact us and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop! You can pray for our Executive Director, Board of Directors, and staff members as we seek the Lord’s direction for this ministry. Pray that the Lord would continue to provide for our financial needs.


You can promote this ministry to women in your network. Gather some friends to attend an event together, or even make plans with us to hold one of our classes at your own church! Who do you know that would be able to benefit from by design ministries?


You can present this ministry to your church’s Mission Board, asking them to support by design in their annual budget.