This is the audio plus PowerPoint and student notes from our 2023 Women’s Leadership Retreat.

+ONE LEADERSHIP: Leading Better Together

There are few things as exciting as an event that calls for a + ONE. Your expectations have been set. THIS will be an opportunity (and you can share it with someone!). On the flip side, anxiousness can accompany that also.

So it is with leadership. Your expectations were set, and now you’re living it. Some days you enthusiastically serve. You keep your passion for Jesus boiling hot. Some days you radiate with the glow of the Holy Spirit.

Other days … there are stress fractures, and you’re dragging your exhausted tail to just muster enough love to give that one person a hug.

In both moments, we need to invite a + ONE into our eventful day. Yes, because every day is just that, an event.

It’s a given … we need JESUS. But maybe there’s another (someone with skin on them) whom you should invite to keep your equilibrium, clarity, and fervor. We are not called to be independent, but to be interdependent. Let’s be inspired to see that + ONE who is willing to hold space with us as we lead.

Let’s learn TOGETHER, to see our blind spots, to recognize our need to receive from others, and to identify when we can be that + ONE for someone else, to ripple support and encouragement on another.
We will view dynamic Biblical pairs who found leading was better together.

Session 1: Spirit-Infused Reception


Student Notes: Session 1 – Spirit-Infused Reception

Session 2: Spirit-Infused Identification


Student Notes: Session 2 – Spirit-Infused Identification

Session 3: Spirit-Infused Endorsement


Student Notes: Session 3 – Spirit-Infused Endorsement


Ellen Garland and her husband – the man of her dreams – Ric, reside in Epsom, NH. For 34 years, the Garlands served a quality group of missionaries throughout the United States with Word of Life Fellowship, Inc., serving as youth coaches at local churches; prompting and training youth leaders in evangelism and discipleship. Ellen also served as Dean of Women at the Word of Life Bible Institute and co-anchored a Word of Life daily radio program.

Always looking and desiring to follow God’s exciting path of adventure, Ric & Ellen sensed the Lord moving in their hearts. That path led them to Epsom Bible Church in New Hampshire, where Ric serves as Lead Pastor. Together, they encourage, love on, and guide a gathering of fabulous people. Their heartbeat is to encourage others to build on Biblical principles.

Ellen’s passion is for women of all ages to fully grasp a living God. Her aspiration rests on deep discipleship and the opportunity to ignite others to skillfully apply the Word of God, in order to build a mature personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. She has traveled within the U.S. and abroad, pouring into ladies, as she opens the Word and shares it with energy.

Ric and Ellen have three grown children. Nicole is married to Bryant. They reside in Valrico, FL – It’s warm there; Eric resides in Heaven – It’s glorious there; and Shannon is married to Jordan – they reside in Mountain City, TN – it’s beautiful there. They also have seven adorable grandbabies, 4 live in Florida, 2 live in Texas and 1 lives in TN! We are confident you may hear about them.