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There seem to be two different philosophies on housecleaning: the “ongoing” philosophy and the “event” philosophy. Since opposites seem to attract, most households have one person in each philosophical camp. I can still hear my mother saying, “Pick it up!” (that thing, whatever it was, that always escaped the notice of my youthful eyes). I remember my father saying, “Put it back where it belongs.” Clearly, my parents beat the odds; they both lived in the same camp. I’m in the “ongoing” camp now, too.
My husband … not so much. For him, …

A Focused Resolve

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What focused resolve on the part of both the mamma and her ducklings. They had to see the cars careening towards them, yet they walked on undaunted, focused on their goal, never wavering.

If only I could do the same, focus on the goal with steadfast resolve, not looking left or right but persevering on in the knowledge that my Lord is faithful…

Settling the Heart

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Fear is bondage. When we fear, we’re bowing to the idea that what we f.e.a.r. has more power than the Creator of the universe. That is a lie out of the pit of hell. Just as we want our children to live without fear, our loving Father wants us to live in peace, resting in Him, knowing in the very deepest part of our heart and mind that “He’s got this.”