Lasting Impact: The Graceful Influence of Every Woman

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I believe we all owe Martha an apology. No human was ever created to serve solely as a sermon illustration. Why are we tempted to continually pit Martha against her sister Mary? No one has ever written a book titled, “Don’t be a Peter, be a John.”

A Focused Resolve

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What focused resolve on the part of both the mamma and her ducklings. They had to see the cars careening towards them, yet they walked on undaunted, focused on their goal, never wavering.

If only I could do the same, focus on the goal with steadfast resolve, not looking left or right but persevering on in the knowledge that my Lord is faithful…

What Does Apollo 13 Have to Do with Church Ministry?

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He expects us to understand that lives are at stake – eternal lives. He expects us not to look around for someone else to do it or to stand about complaining about our assignment. Instead, He has equipped us to utilize every person He welcomes into the family and the supplies He’s provided to deliver a “square” gospel into the “round hole” of the times in which we minister.