Is This It? Is This All There Is to the Christian Life?

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“Is this it?” I still remember asking this question of my Bible study leader and mentor one day during my college years. I was having daily time with the Lord: reading His word and praying. I attended church regularly and was involved in Bible study. I wasn’t hiding any habitual sins. My relationship with the Lord was genuine, even close and warm. But in a way I couldn’t quite put into words, I felt as if I had arrived where God wanted me … and the thought of continuing on for another … 10? … 20? … 50? years the same way in my relationship with the Lord seemed a little lackluster. 

Barriers and Resources

When we think of investing in the lives of others as God has commanded us, so many barriers can quickly pop into our minds! Perhaps the common phrases “full,” “not much margin,” or “tired” come to mind. Sadly, I must admit: I have used these terms more than once lately to describe my own life. Or maybe it’s not the resource of time that you feel is in short supply; perhaps you feel that you don’t have much emotional margin due to difficulties in your own life … perhaps you feel like you aren’t a great “people person” … maybe finances are tight. Whether you feel in short supply in the area of time, finances, emotional margin, energy, or people skills, listen up: I have a word of encouragement for you!